Bellator’s Rick Hawn: Sponsor Canceled Check After Loss

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(Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)

Following his loss to lightweight champion Mike Chandler last Thursday at Bellator 85, Rick Hawn said late Monday that a sponsor decided not to pay him because the fighter lost his last fight.

Hawn went to Twitter to expose a message from an unnamed sponsor, which said the exposure would only hold weight if the fighter won or performed well.

“At this point, a stop payment has been placed on check which cannot be cashed or deposited now,” Hawn posted, quoting the sponsor. “I will not comment on Rick and his fight. That is not my place. But what I will tell you is this: I took a huge chance with him. TV exposure was great…but it only holds weight if he wins or puts on a good show. Neither happened. At the end of the day…not one sole (sp) will run to [my] store and buy product because they [saw my logo and saw] Rick loose (sp) the fight. I’ve made it my career and business to know what nets a return on investment for the brand…and this is the number 1 reason why I DO NOT hand out money or product to fighters.”

According the lightweight, the sponsor is still placing images of him wearing the brand on their website.

Hawn added that a lawsuit is pending, and that more information will be revealed some time soon.

At Bellator 85, Hawn lost by rear-naked choke to the champion Chandler in the second round. The loss was second of his career out of 16 outings.


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There are 20 comments for this article
  1. Frank Garcia at 6:58 pm

    I don't WANT to buy your crap either! That's ridiculous! Name the sponsor! P.O.S sponsor, these guys step up to bang, all you gotta do is cut a check.

  2. Mike Lindner at 7:29 pm

    The guy has one loss and that's worth putting a Stop Payment out on the check they promised to pay you? If you want to drop him as a sponsored athlete that's one thing, but be professional about it and don't put the guy out in the cold.

    Rick has a great record in MMA and is an incredibly talented fighter/judoka so this is utter BS in my opinion.

  3. Jenny at 12:26 pm

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