Beição, Baixinho and heaps of action in Flamengo

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Baixinho in action at WOCS / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Event promoters Tatá Duarte and Phillip Lima are getting ready for WOCS 14. The show, held with the backing of Neonutri, will take place July 23 in Rio de Janeiro city.

Bouts like the all-striker matchup between Thiago Michel and Claudiere Freitas and one-time UFC fighter Alexandre Baixinho against Paulo Rambinho have already been announced, while Shooto and WOCS welterweight GP champion Luis Paulo Beição is tipped to be on the card, although his opponent hasn’t been named yet. Also featured is Lucas Bob Esponja’s title defense against Minas Gerais native Mauricio Facção.

This Monday the event’s organizers confirmed the location and nearly all the fights on the card…

“The card is almost fully ready, we just need to seal Beição’s fight. The card will be packed with electrifying fights and I’m certain the public will show up at Flamengo club in full force,” said Phillip Lima.

Check out the card:

Flamengo Club
July 23
Time: 8pm

Bruno Robusto (Baixinho Team) vs. Gilvan Alves (Pamplona)
Mauricio Deltinha (Baixinho Team) vs. Julio Cesar Merenda (TFT)
Eduardo Simões (BTT) vs. Bruno Orelha (Relma)
Geovani Diniz (NU) vs. Gustavo Coelho (G. Barra BH)
Thiago Michel (Eli Kickboxing) vs. Claudiere Freitas (Nikolay)
Luis Beição (NU) vs. Opponent yet to be named
Alexandre Baixinho (Carlson) vs. Paulo Rambinho (Minotauro Team)
Under-66 kg title fight
Lucas Bob Esponja (TFT) vs. Mauricio Facção (Full House)


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