Awaiting new home, Alliance aces train around the world

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Both Gurgel (L) and Bernardo Faria travel the world. Photo: Ivan Trindade

A large part of the black belts under Fabio Gurgel’s command are crisscrossing the planet. The team’s champions are all off teaching their techniques and, when they get back, already looking to prepare for the 2011 season, they will have a new home. “General” Gurgel comments:

“In December Alliance will inaugurate its new home base in São Paulo. It will be the biggest Jiu-Jitsu center in the country. We’re putting together a surprise for everyone and readers will be the first to know!” he guarantees.

Gabi and Luanna were in NY and now head for Ecuador. Photo: John Lamonica

Enquanto a nova casa não fica pronta, os campeões da equipe não param.

While the new home comes together, the team’s champions keep busy.

“With this little interval between official competitions, or at least the big gi tournaments, Alliance is doing its homework and sending stars to seminars around the world. Thus our branches abroad keep up to date with the best of what is going on in the team,” explains Gurgel, who is pleased with the exchange:

This year, for the first time, our girls (Gabi Garcia and Luanna Alzuguir) repeated the success of the men with seminars in New York and Atlanta. Now they are heading for Ecuador. The boys are off in Europe and the Middle East. (Bruno) Malfacine is in Finland, Bernardo (Faria) and Léo Nogueira are in Germany, Alex Monsalve is in Bahrain, and Sérgio Moraes just got back from Finland and is already heading for San Diego, to Minotauro’s academy.”

Fabio will meet up with Jacaré (L). Photo: Alicia Anthony

And Gurgel himself is in the travel marathon.

“I’m in Miami, where I’m teaching at Tarsis’s academy. Tomorrow I’ll meet with Romero Jacaré and then we’ll head for Atlanta, New York and Pennsylvania. Then I fly out to Finland, where I’ll teach in Helsinki and Turco. Michael Langhi will go to England at that time, so we’ll only meet up again at the end of November, refreshed for the start of another competition season in pursuit of ever better results,” he says in closing.

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