August 18 Jungle Fight card updated

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Six of the eight fights on the card for the August 18 Jungle Fight 42 event, to take place in São Paulo’s Pacaembu gymnasium, have been defined, with the highest profile match-up being between Ivan Batman and Giovani Brutus.

Check out the updated card, and stay tuned to for further information on the upcoming Jungle Fight event.

Ivan “Batman” ( ataque duplo/ Thiago Tavares ) v Giovane Brutus ( Squadron Orlando Junior) 70 Kg
Elias Silvério (Barbozinha Team) v Giovani Almeida (x Gym/Pro Fight) 77 kg
Fernando Farias(Rio Grande do Sul) v Jonny Iwasaki (Peru) 66kg
Rasputin ( Chute Boxe SP ) v Edmilson “Kevin” ( Ataque Duplo / Thiago Tavares ) 66kg
Atila Oliveira(Team Master) v Paulo Pebar ( Barbozinha Team ) 61 kg
Emiliano Sordy (Argentina) v Armando ” Polemico ” ( Veras tk /Gracie) 84 Kg

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