As Graciemag passes 150,000 subs on YouTube, check out 15 videos that have marked our trajectory online

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Entrevista com Ronaldo Jacare do UFC Foto Arquivos GRACIEMAG

Since 2007 on YouTube, with single videos surpassing a million views, Graciemag’s YouTube channel has now shot past 150,000 subscribers. Exclusive content focused on BJJ and MMA, and lots of lifestyle, Gracie Diet and tips to help you train more and better, have been our strong suit over the course of more than a decade.

To commemorate this journey, below we highlight 15 videos that reflect the essence of Graciemag online, with lessons, advice, historic moments and that old backstage pass that lets you in on everything going on in the world of the gentle art.

Watch and let’s celebrate our time together. Oss!

1- Mendes brothers seminar — marked the age of our webinars

2- Victor Hugo vs Tommy Langaker at Spyder — marks Graciemag’s international coverage

3- Leandro Lo vs João Gabriel at Rio Open 2014 — marks our presence at the biggest Brazilian events

4- Marcinho Feitosa showing a guard pass — marks the age of Graciemag’s studio in Barra, with the blue mat that welcomed many of the greatest

5- Interview with the Miyaos — marks our good relationship with elite athletes

6- Carlinhos Gracie teaching how to make juice at his home in Florianópolis — marks our concern with the reader’s health

7- Press conference at the first edition of UFC Rio — marks our status as pioneers in online MMA coverage

8-  Arthur Gogó and Alberto Ramos’s training — marks our divulgation of the important work being done by teachers

9- Rorion Gracie teaches how to get started on the Gracie Diet — healthy eating and well-being are never forgotten

10- Rodolfo Vieira and João Gabriel training for the ADCC — special attention paid to no-gi

11- Fernando Tererê teaches the “naughty one” — marks our team’s dedication to bringing you precious technical details

12- Zé Beleza and Roger Gracie — marks our access to bring readers even top-secret training sessions

13- IBJJF Pan Kids — marks our attention to the future of BJJ

14 – World Master Championship — our respect for those who paved the way

15- Roger Gracie on his last jiu-jitsu fight — marks Graciemag’s presence at historic moments of the martial art

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