An arsenal of attacks from the half-guard

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In week 8 of Renzo Gracie Online Academy, André Monteiro teaches sweeps and finishes starting from the half-guard, a position many people only work on from a defensive point of view, doing transitions and recoveries. This is a strategic mistake, because the half-guard offers numerous support points, grips and levers for you to surprise passers with unstoppable attacks.

It’s worth noting that many competitors have risen to the top of the IBJJF World Championships with games based on attacks from the half-guard — as is the case of Roberto Gordo, Bernardo Faria and Celsinho Venicius. So get inspired by these great idols of the gentle art and take full advantage of this week-long training plan.

Week 8 of Renzo Gracie Online Academy is put together thusly:

  • Five attack techniques starting from the half-guard.
  • Kata guruma: Many think that the kata guruma requires power. But Garry St. Leger is here to show you that this mechanic is based on technical refinement and agility.
  • Lifestyle: Hobbies can renew your energy and keep you motivated to train jiu-jitsu.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Sweep from the half-guard with the bridge mechanic

On top on half-guard, your opponent manages to hug your head and impose pressure. It’s an advantageous situation for them, as they can attempt a finish or move to side control. But with a subtle, surprising maneuver, you have a chance to invert the position and get on top.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 2: Back-take from the pummel

Even if your opponent manages to foil the inversion attempt shown in the previous lesson, they will tend to open up space for you to apply the pummel and move to their back.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 3: Use your lapel to go to your opponent’s back

When you’re working with your guard open, it’s recommended to use your flexed leg as a shield controlling the distance in relation to your opponent’s body. With this shield, you can push their torso in order to find space to pummel them and, with the help of the lapel, move to their back.

Lesson 4: Lifestyle – Hobbies

Relaxing activities can renew your energy and motivate you to train. Bruno Fernandes recommends hobbies that are completely unrelated to jiu-jitsu.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 5: Sweep when your opponent wraps your pummel with their arm

You pummel your opponent to try and move to their back, but they wrap your pummel with their arm, blocking the path. Understand how you can capitalize on this situation to unbalance them and land on top.

Day 5: Friday

Lesson 6: Choke from the half-guard

On top, your opponent gains the pummel with their right arm and tries to pass your half-guard by progressively spreading their weight. Learn a sneaky, efficient choke to surprise them along the way.

Lesson 7: Kata guruma

Many think that the kata guruma requires power. But Garry St. Leger is here to show you that this mechanic is based on technical refinement and agility.

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