Alliance wins at heavy; foreigner helps GFTeam beat Atos

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Tanquinho in action. Photo from archives of Luca Atalla.

The lightweight brown and black belt title couldn’t have been determined in more exciting fashion. The score ended 3 to 2. In the crowd, sighs, eyes fixed on the clock awaiting the end of the fifth and final match.

But GFTeam would come out the victor, winning the lightweight title for the second time in a row.

With a superb performance, Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes and Theodoro Canal’s team overcame Atos. And thanks to a point from a Canadian: In the final match, Jacob Mackenzie went past Eduardo Ramos by a mere advantage point. The advantage handed Rio de Janeiro’s GFTeam the title.

In the first match of the final, a classic right off the bat: the two black belts Theodoro Canal and Bruno Frazatto went at it to see who would open the scoring for their respective teams. Canal managed a sweep here, Frazatto got one there and the score was tied at 4 to 4, with an advantage apiece. It went to the judges to decide: Theodoro’s hand was raised! GFTeam 1, Atos 0.

The second match was between two promising up-and-comers. Zé Carlos (GFTeam) couldn’t keep David Ramos (Atos) down, the latter winning with a kneebar. GFTeam 1, Atos 1.

The third match was perhaps the best of Saturday. Augusto Tanquinho versus Guilherme Mendes. More experienced, stronger and heavier, Tanquinho stopped the star from Ramon Lemos’s team: He passed guard and back-mounted the 2009 light featherweight world champion. GFTeam 2, Atos 1.

In the fourth match, Rafael Mendes avenged his brother and beat Denílson Pimenta by 4 to 0. The GFTeam rep left the match area twice with a footlock in place, and was penalized with negative points. GFTeam 2, Atos 2.

The fifth was suspenseful. Jacob Mackenzie, a Roberto Cyborg student, went up against Atos revelation Eduardo Ramos on even terms. After ending in a 2-2 draw, however, the Canadian living in the USA was one advantage point ahead, 2 to 1. GFTeam’s 3 to Atos’s 2!

Antonio Peinado (photo) and world champion Bernardo Faria led Alliance. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Now Alliance made it to the two-time heavy winner mark, scoring 3 to 1 over GFTeam. World heavyweight champion Bernardo Faria was expected to face off with Rodolfo Vieira. But it didn’t end up happening.

Alliance took the lead scoring 2 to 0. First, Antonio Peinado faced Vitor Henrique and won by armbar submission. Alliance 1 to GFTeam 0.

Bernardo Faria stepped onto the mat soon thereafter, and submitted hard-nosed Ricardo Evangelista with a triangle. Alliance 2, GFTeam 0.

Rodolfo Vieira entered the scene and scored GFTeam’s lone point. The Julio Cesar student submitted Rafael Bettega with a choke, solidifying the strong phase he is in. Alliance 2, GFTeam 1.

In the final match, Fabiano “Boi” overcame Vinícius Marinho with a kneebar, ending a dispute of the highest level. Alliance 3, GFTeam 1!

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