ADCC Worlds: upsets as semifinals set; André Galvão wins superfight

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Galvão gets in the history books as the first to win three consecutive ADCC Worlds superfights. Erin Herle/GRACIEMAG

The first day of the 2017 ADCC Worlds, held in Espoo, Finland, shattered BJJ fans’ expectations worldwide. Saturday saw the semifinalists defined for every weight division of the men’s and women’s sections, and brought the superfight between André Galvão and Cláudio Calasans, old teammates at Atos.

In the last match of day 1, childhood friends Galvão and Calasans held nothing back. At first there was balance, with Calasans shooting for judo takedowns while Galvão sought to undo his foe’s base with a hand on the neck and attacks on the legs. In a single-leg attempt, Galvão got Calasans on the ground, and Calasans then tried for a shoulder lock, which Galvão handled well.

At the end of the first ten minutes, which is when points start being counted, Galvão again achieved a single-leg, then attacked from the back and accumulated 12 points by swapping hooks — a peculiar trait of ADCC rules. Unable to finish from the back, Galvão mounted and attempted the kata-gatame, which Calasans resisted.

Even with a 14-point advantage, Galvão continued to crank up the pressure until the 20th and final minute, achieving his third consecutive win in ADCC superfights. He had beaten Bráulio Estima from the back in 2013, and Roberto Cyborg in 2015.

Upset in group of death as favorites advance too

Craig Jones dealt the big upset of day 1. In his first match he finished Leandro Lo, one of the favorites to win it all in the 88kg division, with a tight rear naked choke. Then he applied a nice flying triangle on the experienced Murilo Santana, thus securing his spot in the semifinal match against Keenan Cornelius, who had defeated up-and-comer Kaynan Casemiro.

Also noteworthy were Pablo Mantovani, who beat Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes by decision, and Elvira Karppinen, who outscored sitting 60kg champion Mackenzie Dern 4-2, sweeping twice and resisting Dern’s signature RNC from the omoplata toward the end.

Many of the favorites advanced as well. Marcus Buchecha had two submission wins. Rubens Cobrinha, Paulo Miyao, Xande Ribeiro, Yuri Simões, Felipe Preguiça and Lucas Lepri also made it. Gabi Garcia, Bia Mesquita and Talita Treta are also still in the running.

Below are the results that defined tomorrow’s semifinals.




Rubens Cobrinha def. Kuba Witkowski, armbar
Paulo Miyao def. Geo Martinez 8-2
Pablo Mantovani def. Augusto Tanquinho Mendes, decision
AJ Agazarm def. Ethan Crelinsten 2-0


Vagner Rocha def. DJ Jackson, 1-0 penalty
Lucas Lepri def. Mansher Khera, 1-0 penalty
JT Torres def. Celsinho Venicius, decision
Garry Tonon def. Marcelo Lapela 4-2


Keenan Cornelius def. Kaynan Casemiro, ankle lock
Craig Jones def. Murilo Santana, flying triangle
Gordon Ryan def. Romulo Barral, RNC
Xande Ribeiro def. Rustan Chsiev, armbar


Felipe Preguiça def. Abdukhman Bilarov 5-0
Rafael Lovato def. Mahamed Aly 3-0
Yuri Simões def. Mike Perez, decision
Jackson Sousa def. João Assis, decision


Orlando Sanchez def. Tom DeBlass, decision
Jared Dopp def. Vinny Magalhães 3-0
Marcus Buchecha def. Tim Spriggs, RNC
Roberto Cyborg def. Victor Honório, decision



Elvira Karppinen def. Mackenzie Dern 4-2
Bia Basílio def. Talita Alencar, decision
Michelle Nicolini def. Rikako Yuasa, decision
Bia Mesquita def. Ffion Davies, armbar


Gabi Garcia def. Amanda Santana, foot lock
Jéssica Flowers def. Marysia Malyjasiak, armbar
Talita Treta def. Venla Luukkonen 2-0
Samantha Cook def. Tara White 3-0

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