Estima’s reverse triangle

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Carcara and his triangle, in a photo by Craig Bush posted this one a while ago, and is now publishing it again on the new website.

So in the end, what’s the secret to the reverse triangle that helped Braulio Estima lay claim to the absolute division at the last ADCC?

According to the champion, there’s no mystery to it at all.

“It’s a really simple hold, to be honest. It’s all a question of timing the position, which is why it requires a lot of practice, so you’ll know when the time is right to attack.”

“The secret, if there is one, is to let the guy think he’s alright. And, when he least expects it, he falls in the trap. My aim is to make him slip on the banana peel, let the guy get fascinated by the flicker of the flame and end up getting roasted,” says the La Fontaine of Jiu-Jitsu drawing comparison. Coming up, he teaches how to set the trap step by step.

1 – “In a match, there are things going on before the said attack begins, hence you should stay alert and bring your opponent into your game. It’s like hypnosis, but it’s Jiu-Jitsu! First be sure you’re in a safe position, maintaining control of the guard and securing both your opponent’s arms.”

2, 3, 4 – “Now is the main part, when you kick your left leg up over the neck. The trick is to get your crotch as close to the enemy neck as possible. Although it might not seem close enough, this proximity is fundamental.”

5, 6 – “So, now you just kick your right leg under and close the lock, holding his right arm with your left hand the whole time. This grip is the last one I let go of,” teaches Carcará.

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