2015 Worlds Master: black belt open class finals set, other results after day 1

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Rafael Formiga celebrates the spot in the master 1 open class final

Day 1 of the 2015 World Master Jiu-Jitsu championship was a feast for Jiu-Jitsu lovers.

Since early in the morning until late in the evening, athletes poured their hearts out on the mats and displayed top notch technique.

The day started with the blue belts followed by purple belts and then black belts.

The highlight of the day was the presence of big talents such as Saulo Ribeiro, Rodrigo Comprido, Roberto Godoi, Alexandre Soca, Wellington Megaton, Roberto Alencar and many others.

In each division of each age group (Master 1-6), the brackets advanced until the semifinals were set.

The thrills go on this Saturday, when all the black belt champions will be crowned.


Tarcisio and Big Mac battle for a spot in the master 1 open class final

In the open class division, Tarcisio Jardim will face Rafael Formiga for the master 1 black belt open class title.

In the female division, the master 1 black belt open class title will be decided in a 6-minute match between Sarah Black and Leanna Dittrich.

The other black belt open class finals are as follows:

Master 2

Ranieri Paiva vs. Tiago Almeida

Master 3

Male: Saulo Ribeiro vs. Carlos Farias

Female: Maria do Carmo Paixão vs. Misty Shearer

Master 4

Wellington Dias vs. Roberto Traven

Master 5

Brian Beauchamp vs. Chris Haueter

Master 6

Michael Atkin vs. Stephen Kamphuis

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Here is a photo gallery of the first day at the Cashman Center.

2015 Wolds Master - Day 1


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