2015 Worlds: check who’s already in and remember you have three days to register before prices change

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Alexander Trans

Alexander Trans

The 2015 Worlds is roughly one month away so the list of athletes registered is still not that long, but you can already see some good names there.

A quick look at the black belt divisions shows that great things are surely coming our way.

In the male division, big names already checked in for the most important event of the year.

Fabio Passos and Koji Shibamoto are already registered as roosterweights, while Gianni Grippo, Rafael Mendes, Leo Saggioro and Isaque Paiva already populate the featherweight division.

The lightweight division, always one of the toughest, has JT Torres, Vinicius Marinho, Rodrigo Freitas and Samuel Canquerino.

In the middleweight, Tanner Rice, Claudio Calasans, Vitor Oliveira and Victor Estima are usual suspects for great thrills.

Among the heavyweights, Erberth Santos, Antonio Antonioli and Roberto Torralbas are the most recognizable so far.

In the ultraheavy division, which should be Marcus Buchecha’s division, Ricardo Evangelista and Alex Trans are already waiting for him.

In the female black belt division, many great talents have already signed in.


Monique Elias

Title contenders like Tammi Musumeci (feather), Fabiana Borges (lightweight), Monique Elias and Ida Hanson (middle), Andressa Correa (medium-heavy), Dominyka Obelenyte (heavy), Venla Luukkonen (superheavy).

Of course, many of the names already registered can still move around between the weight divisions.

What about you? Don’t forget to register before the second price change.

You have until May 4 (next Monday) to register and pay less.

For more info and to register now, go to ibjjf.com.

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