2015 ADCC: Calasans wins open class, Galvão beats Cyborg; champions crowned

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Claudio Calasans

Claudio Calasans

The 2015 ADCC is part of history now.

Ater nine hours of fights in São Paulo, the event was filled with thrills.

Read below how each division played out until all champions were crowned.


-60Kg – Dern’s dreamy year

Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern vs. Michelle Nicolini

Mackenzie Dern is having an almost perfect year. After great campaigns at the Pan, WPJJC and Worlds, she conquered her first ADCC gold medal. This Sunday she had no easy path as first she beat Bia Mesquita 2-0 with a takedown. Her opponent in the final would be Michelle Nicolini, who swept Tammi Musumeci to win 2-0. The final, as usual, was a strategic war between the two long time rivals. Mackenzie and Michelle exchanged sweeps to build a 4-4 tie at the end of the regulation. One penalty for Michelle gave Mackenzie the title. Final standings: 1st – Mackenzie Dern; 2nd – Michelle Nicolini; 3rd – Tammi Musumeci.

+60kg – Gabi upset, Ana Laura’s day

Ana Laura Cordeiro

Ana Laura Cordeiro vs. Jessica Oliveira

The division had a back-to-back reigning champion who was the favorite, but destiny wanted things to go the other way. Gabi Garcia had to settle for the third place after losing in the semifinal to Jessica Oliveira by referee decision. Ana Laura Cordeiro took Amanda Santana’s back to score 3-0 and make her way to the final. Then, Ana Laura imposed her game to outscore Jessica Oliveira 12-0 and conquer her first ADCC gold medal. Final standings: 1st – Ana Laura Cordeiro; 2nd – Jessica Oliveira; 3rd – Gabi Garcia.


-66kgCobrinha smiles again

Rubens Cobrinha

Rubens Cobrinha vs. Bruno Frazatto

Rubens Cobrinha was the only one to keep his title among all division champions of 2013. This Sunday, he kicked off his campaign with a tough win by referee decision over Augusto Tanquinho. His opponent in the final was old rival Bruno Frazatto, who controlled Geovanny Martinez to score 2-0 and win. In the final, Cobrinha waited until the points stated being counted to put the second hook in and take Frazatto’s back to win 3-0 and smile again. Final standings: 1st – Rubens Cobrinha; 2nd – Bruno Frazatto; 3rd – Augusto Mendes.

-77kg – Davi Ramos fast as a lightning bolt

Davi Ramos

Davi Ramos

Davi Ramos was on fire at the division. First he caught UFC’s Gilbert Burns with a rear naked choke. His opponent in the final was Lucas Lepri, who took Otavio Sousa down and then managed a sweep to win 4-0. The final was the shortest one of all finals. In less than 5 minutes, Ramos jumped over Lepri’s guard and locked a beautiful armlock. Final standings: 1st – Davi Ramos; 2nd – Lucas Lepri; 3rd – Gilbert Burns.

-88kg – Excellent, Yuri!

Yuri Simões

Yuri Simões vs. Keenan Cornelius

Yuri Simões is the current World No-Gi black belt open class champion and now the -88kg ADCC champion. He first beat Romulo Barral 3-0 with a guard pass. His opponent in the final was Keenan Cornelius, who defeated Rustam Chsiev by referee decision. The final was a reenactment of the 2014 Worlds No-Gi championship absolute final. This time, Yuri managed a back take to score 3-0 and win the title. Final standings: 1st – Yuri Simões; 2nd – Keenan Cornelius; 3rd – Rustam Chsiev.

 -99kg – Rodolfo is back!

Rodolfo Vieira

Rodolfo Vieira vs. Felipe Pena

After one year being haunted by lower back problems, Rodolfo Vieira is back to the scene with his first ADCC gold medal. His first challenge this Sunday was to beat Xande Ribeiro 6-0 with two back takes. In the final, he faced Felipe Pena, who outscored the 2013 champion, João Assis, 9-0. The final match was a 40min marathon of takedowns attempts and a more aggressive Rodolfo won by refs decision. Final standings: 1st – Rodolfo Vieira; 2nd – Felipe Pena; 3rd – João Assis.

+99kg – Orlando keeps his promise

Orlando Sanchez

Orlando Sanchez vs. Jared Dopp

Orlando Sanchez held nothing back before the event saying that he would win the +99kg division. And he did. This Sunday he first beat Vinny Pezão by ref decision. He faced Jared Dopp in the final after the American also won by ref decision in his semifinal against João Gabriel Rocha. The final was another marathon of 40 minutes and Sanchez won by ref decision for being more aggressive. Final standings: 1st – Orlando Sanchez; 2nd – Jared Dopp; 3rd – Vinny Pezão.

Open Class – Calasans raises from the ashes

Claudio Calasans

Claudio Calasans vs. João Gabriel

Claudio Calasans had a early upset in the -88kg, when he lost to Keenan Cornelius in the quarterfinals. This Sunday he was back for the open class and in four matches he wrote his name in ADCC history. First he beat Gabriel Lucas, then defeated Vinny Pezão. The semifinal was against Yuri Simões. In the final, he met João Gabriel Rocha, who had defeated AJ Agazarm, Vagner Rocha and Rodolfo Vieira. The final was another 40-minute standing war and Calasans won for having one penalty less than Rocha.

Superfight – Galvão repeats Sperry and keeps title   

Andre Galvão vs. Roberto Cyborg

Andre Galvão vs. Roberto Cyborg

The story of the superfight began being written before the match started. Roberto Cyborg experienced what he called a very fast pace to his heart beat, what according to him has happened a few times before. Feeling gassed out. Cyborg could not put a resistance to his opponent’s powerful game. Galvão took the match to the ground and worked the pass and then took the back two times to win 6-0. With that, Galvão has now two ADCC superfight victories, something only José Mário Sperry has (1999-2000).

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