2014 WPJJC female results: Gabi’s double gold, newcomer & brown belt win division

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Gabi Garcia after she won the open weight division. Photo: Erin Herle

Gabi Garcia after she won the open weight division. Photo: Erin Herle

The women competitors of the 2014 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship accomplished yet another year of great fights. Going into the April 17-19 competition, they hit a milestone as the first year the purple belt females competed in their own division. The growth in numbers drove the United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation to split the categories and this year only the brown belts and the black belts remained together. The males earned all separate categories for their belts in 2013 and by next year we hope that the same will happen for females next year.

But for this edition, brown and black belts went against one another in the same brackets. Here are the results of the weight categories:


There were many promising athletes in this division including the champion of 2013 Michelle Nicolini. But this year she met her match, brown belt Adriadne de Oliveira of Mestre Wilson. Armed with a threatening loop choke, she submitted her first, second and third opponents with the submission. The first match of the division was a deja vu of last year as Michelle Nicolini faced Mackenzie Dern and submitted with an armbar leaving Dern out of the competition. In the final, Adriadne competed against Nadia Melo who defeated Nyjah Easton in the semi-final. Adraidne submitted Nadia by a triangle armbar for the gold.

1- Adriadne de Oliveira
2- Nadia Melo
3- Michelle Nicolini


Similar to the -60kg division, the first match of the bracket was one fit for a final as Luanna Alzuguir and Luiza Monteiro, who competed in the 2012 WPJJC final, competed against each other. Luiza was able to earn the win with points and also beat Fabiana Borges on her way to the final. Beatriz Mesquita accomplished a win over Marina Ribeiro and Shanti Abelha to make her way to the finals. Fabiana Borges was able to overtake Marina Ribeiro with advantages to win the third place spot. In the final, Luiza maintained the dominant positions against last year’s champion Beatriz and earned the gold via points.

1- Luiza Monteiro
2- Beatriz Mesquita
3- Fabiana Borges


New black belt from Sweden by way of Denmark, Janni Larsson proved her promotion once again since receiving her belt last August. In her first match she defeated brown belt threat Monique Elias by points then went on to defeat Fernanda Mazzelli. She faced Polyana Lago in the final. Janni was able to win on points and jumped for joy with the outcome.

1- Janni Larsson
2- Polyana Lago
3- Fernanda Mazzelli


The prior champion, Gabrielle Garcia, was able to win her division once more alongside two other Alliance members. Brown belt eighteen-year-old Dominyka Obelenyte was the contender in the final. Dominyka faced Andresa Correa and defeated her by points to go into the final against Gabi. During the final Gabi earned two points by taking Dominyka down and another three by passing. Dominyka recovered her guard a few times but was not able to submit or gain points against the champion and Gabi won via 5-0 on points.

1- Gabrielle Garcia
2- Dominyka Obelenyte
3- Andresa Correa


There were 27 brown and black belts who competed in the open weight division. The bracket was created but not all showed up creating byes within the line-up. Here are the full results of each match:

Vanessa Nascimento defeats Michelle Nicolini by 3-0 advantages.
Jackeline Rodrigues defeats Vanessa English by 2-0 advantages.
Jessica Santos defeats Morena Cuba by 7-0 points.
Shanti Abelha defeats Suelen Dos Tobias by 2-2 points, 1-1 adv, 1 penalty for Suelen.
Beatriz Mesquita defeats Dominyka Obelenyte by 2-0 points.
Monique Elias defeats Fabiana Borges by loop choke.
Mackenzie Dern defeats Nyjah Easton by 4-0 points.
Viviane Gomes defeats Andrea Souza by referee decision after 2-2 advantages.
Janni Larsson defeats Marina Ribeiro by 3-1 advantages.
Gabrielle Garcia defeats Maryanne Mullahy by 5-0 points.
Nadia Melo defeats Talita Nogueira by armbar.
Polyana Lago defeats Ida Hansson by knee injury early on as Polyana jumped guard.
Sijara Eubanks defeats Eirin Nygren by 3-0 advantages.

Luanna Alzuguir defeats Nadia Melo by 4-0 points.
Monique Elias defeats Shanti Abelha by 6-0 points.
Mackenzie Dern defeats Jackeline Rodrigues by 2-0 points.
Sijara Eubanks defeats Viviane Gomes by bow and arrow choke.
Janni Larsson defeats Polyana Lago by armbar.
Beatriz Mesquita defeats Jessica Santos by 2-0 points.

Monique Elias defeats Sijara Eubanks by 1-0 advantages.
Gabrielle Garcia defeats Vanessa Nascimento by 3-0 advantages.
Janni Larsson defeats Mackenzie Dern by 5-0 points.
Beatriz Mesquita defeats Luanna Alzuguir by 2-0 advantages.

Gabrielle Garcia defeats Monique Elias by armbar.
Janni Larsson defeats Beatriz Mesquita by 2-1 advantages

Beatriz Mesquita defeats Monique Elias by 2-0 advantages.

Gabrielle Garcia defeats Janni Larsson by arm lock from side control.

For a full photo gallery of all the matches, click here.

Check out a quick photo gallery of the open weight division finals:

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