2014 Worlds No-Gi: Miyao, JT, Bendo, B. Faria, Gabi, others are in. Register now!

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The registration deadline for the 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi championship is closing in.

You have until Friday, Sept. 26 to secure your spot in the most important no-gi event of the calendar.

Click here to register now!

If you do it, know you’ll be in great company.

Here is a first look into who are the famous names already registered in the black belt division.



João Miyao – His brother is still not on the list, but should be anytime soon. The duo always means trouble for opponents with their trademark berimbolo game, also efficient in no-gi matches.


Samir Chantre – The black belt from Caio Terra Association is always a tough contender in any division he enters.


JT Torres –  The 2013 champion is back to defend his title and who can say he is not capable of wining back-to-back gold medals.

Garry Tonon – From a noble lineage that comes from Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida and Tom DeBlass, Tonon is one of those talents rarely seen in gi competitions that will feel right at home in Azusa.

Rodrigo Freitas: The GB black belt is a very active competitor with a efficient game capable of creating much trouble for his opponents.


Ben Henderson – The former UFC lightweight champion is registered to compete and you can be sure that he will put on quite a show during his matches.

DJ Jackson: The 2012 champion wants his crown back after finishing in third place last year. With a strong wrestling background and great guard passes, DJ is always a feared opponent.

Francisco Iturralde: The Ecuadorian from Alliance already had some great results in no-gi events, like a submission win over Vitor Oliveira in Chicago, last year. He is worthy paying attention to in Azusa.


Murilo Santana: The 2013 open class champion is back to try a double gold this year. His performance last year is proof enough of how dangerous Murilo can be.

Inacio Neto: Another upcoming talent from GB, Neto is after a great result in a major event after he became a black belt. For sure, he won’t have to wait long.


Yuri Simões: Training under Mr. Worlds No-Gi, Caio Terra, Yuri is another new talent trying to make his name as a black belt.

Jackson Sousa: Another very active competitor, Sousa just had an amazing performance at the Dallas Open. He wants to repeat the result in Azusa.

Tim Spriggs: Recently graduated to the black belt, Tim Spriggs is known for his powerful performances. It’s going to be a hoot to see him going against more experienced opponents.


Bernardo Faria: One of the most accomplished competitors in the game, Faria is still after a gold medal in the Worlds No-Gi. Expert in the half guard game, Bernardo is also known for never giving up and putting out explosive performances.

Luiz Panza: Another relatively unknown talent from Brazil that appeared recently and made quite a noise, Panza is very technical and sure to create trouble to his opponents.

James Puopolo: Last year’s champion, Puopolo is said to be more at home in no-gi competitions. Black belt under Rafael Lovato Jr, he will have a tough job to keep his title, but he’s up to the task for sure.


Tom DeBlass: Black belt under Ricardo Almeida and also an active MMA fighter, DeBlass has a fight scheduled for December 6, against King Mo, at Bellator 131. Even so, he is sure to go head on for the gold medal in Azusa.

Abraham Messina: From the Dominican Republic, Messina made his fame for the technical game and for being a handful to opponents like Andre Galvão, Bernanrdo Faria and others.



Mackenzie Dern: Technique and charm come together in one of the most talented fighters of the female division.


Luiza Monteiro: If you follow Luiza’s social medias, you know that she is working hard to prepare for the 2014 Worlds No-Gi, training in different academies, like Marcelo Garcia in NYC. Only great things can come from that.

Nyjah Easton: Another talent emerged from lloyd Irvin’s Maryland training center, Nyjah is a long time competitor known for the hard battles fought both in gi and No-Gi competitions.


Andressa Correa: Alliance’s Correa was a runner up last year to Talita Nogueira so this year she wants nothing else than gold.

Sijara Eubanks: A dinamo in the colored belts, Sijara debuts in the black belt aiming to repeat her amazing results from the near past.


Gabi Garcia: The most famous female competitor of all times is back for her second IBJJF event of the year (she competed in the São Paulo Open recently). Gabi, who is said to be getting ready to debut in MMA, wants some mat time before she goes out punching and kicking.

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