10 matches that can make the 2016 European much more awesome

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After the registration deadline, we can now take a look at the black belt divisions to see what great matches are in store for us.

Here are the highlights.



Caio Terra vs. Koji Shibamoto: Terra is going for his third title in the black belt division in Lisbon. If they meet again, they will repeat the 2014 final, won by Caio. Shibamoto is also a European champion, as he won the roosterweight in 2012.



Paulo Miyao vs. Marcio Andre: Andre is the reigning champion, as he beat Gianni Grippo in 2015. Miyao moved up from the light-featherweight and if they meet should be a sight to see. The division also features newcomer to the black belt Isaac Doederlein and Brian Mahecha.


Michael Liera Jr. at the Atos JJ Camp

Michael Liera Jr. at the Atos JJ Camp

Edwin Najmi vs. Michael Liera vs. Mansher Khera: Yes, that’s right. All three names combined are a recipe for great thrills. They represent a talented new generation of black belts coming out of the USA and making waves in the competition circuit.


Lucas Barbosa vs. Vitor Honorio

Lucas Barbosa

Lucas Barbosa vs. Alan do Nascimento: a generational clash between the Atos newcomer and the Checkmat experienced black belt. The division also has great names in Oliver Geddes, Darragh O’Çonaill and Charles Negromonte.


Romulo Barral  Photo: Ivan Trindade.

Romulo Barral Photo: Ivan Trindade.

Romulo Barral vs. Patrick Gaudio: Barral is the clear favorite here, but Gaudio also has very good credentials coming in the division.




Felipe Pena vs. Jackson Sousa: they just met at the heavyweight final of the Worlds No-Gi, when Pena came out on top. This time, with the gi, who knows what could happen.


Lucio Lagarto

Lucio Lagarto

Lucio Rodrigues vs. Erberth Santos: in another generational battle, Lagarto wants to keep his impressive record at the European. he is the only black belt to have won medals in all but three of the event’s editions, since 2004. If he wins again, this is going to be his 6th title in Lisbon.


Open Class


Romulo Barral vs. André Galvão: This should be the highlight of the highlights. A true all-time classic with two of the greatest competitors off all times. Galvão just beat Barral in a no-gi event in Russia, so Barral is looking for a payback. Let’s just hope the two sign up for the absolute.



Luanna Alzuguir

Luanna Alzuguir

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Luiza Monteiro: Traditional rivals, Luanna and Luiza should put a great show for the crowd. In fact, the middleweight division is the highlight of the female division (with the exception of the open class).

Open class

Mackenzie Dern, 2015 black belt open class no-gi world champion

Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern vs. Andresa Correa: Maybe they will repeat the Worlds No-Gi final. Luanna, Luiza, Shanti Abelha, Sarah Black and Kristina Barlaan could also be in the mix.

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