10 commandments for the conscious fighter who wants to evolve

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Helio through the lens of Gustavo Aragão.

Even if these haven’t been carved in stone or brought down by a prophet, the directives of good jiu-jitsu are good things to keep in mind as you pursue your evolution at the dojo.

After weeks of conversations with masters, teachers and scholars of the gentle art, we compiled ten lessons in respect, perseverance and performance.


1. You will not betray your teacher.

2. You will not let cowardice influence any of your actions.

3. You will not covet your neighbor’s feats. You will focus only on yourself and will do all you can to be today one step above where you were yesterday.

4. You will exercise at least 30 minutes daily.

5. You will stomp your vanity every day upon waking up, for that is the biggest enemy of your progress. You won’t fear defeat or hard training at the gym.

6. You will execute the move while visualizing a second attack option.

7. You will employ in the perfecting of your body the same time used to perfect your spirit.

8. You will endeavor to comprehend the concepts behind moves, to respect the sacred motto of minimum effort and maximum efficiency for each technique.

9. You will know your food.

10. You will look at every episode of your life from the good, luminous side.

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