10 universal tips to fight pain after training

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Post-training muscle pain is common both in beginners and high-performance athletes. Photo: GFTeam

There are those who feel pleasure in the usual muscular pain felt post-training. But there are also those who gave up, or almost gave up training then they felt when they felt a twinge after that more challenging session against a heavier or more experienced teammate.

Post-training muscle pain is common both in beginners and high-performance athletes. “Muscle pain, or myalgia, can happen due to an accumulation of lactic acid up to 24 hours following light exercise, or it can appear even 48 hours or more later. This delayed onset muscle soreness arises from muscle damage related to the fibers that were strained in a way not previously done,” says physical therapist Monica Rivero.

On average, the pain goes on between three and seven days, but it’s possible to alleviate it with Dr. Rivero’s ten tips. Check them out!

1 – Rest, because sleeping is necessary to muscle recovery

2 – Alternate training types. Arm muscles and leg muscles. Give your muscles some time off.

3 – Apply ice with a towel or cloth for 15 to 20 minutes right after finishing an intense session.

4 – Get a massage from a professional.

5 – Self-massage the muscles most demanded in your training. Circular motions with a cream or pomade will heat them up and ease the pain.

6 – Apply a hot compress hours later to the regions with pain or greater muscle stiffness.

7 – Take a hot shower. That leads to peripheral vasodilation, providing muscle relaxation, and decreases post-intense training “rotation.” This calms and helps you sleep.

8 – Take a walk or even do housework or light exercise to warm the body up. Sexual activity also works.

9 – Do stretches. They help ease the sensation of rigidity caused by pain.

10 – Recoup your energy. Give preference to antioxidant foods and proteins within a diet prescribed by a nutritionist.

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