Which fight would you send to space?

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Take a look at this. Thirty-six years ago American scientists sent two capsules into outer space carrying an assortment of information regarding earth and the human race, a sort of guide for interplanetary beings to understand what life on our little planet is like (or was like).

Some means of communication – among them Brazil’s “Piaui” magazine (a sort of Brazilian “New Yorker”) – reported that the Voyager only now made it out of the solar system, on its way to the unknown.

The chances of a tiny capsule falling into the hands of intelligent life forms – even if they exist – are slim. If it happens, the lucky Ets will find two gold discs containing the sound of dogs barking, a volcano rumbling, a kiss, Mozart, Chuck Berry singing “Johnny B. Goode”, and images of our DNA, among other simple information.

Not much, right? With the popularity of Jiu-Jitsu and MMA these days, why not impress our neighbors with a good fight, so they can cut to the chase and in five minutes understand more about humanity than in two hours of sounds and reading?

If another capsule is launched, GRACIEMAG.com suggests a gold DVD containing the fight below (Besides, perhaps, the opening scene for “Baywatch,” a tube ridden by Kelly Slater, and some of Michael Jordan’s slam dunks, to show how well we’ll treat some of the ETs’ family members.

Idle talk aside, which fight do you feel would be worthy to represent the human race? Comment below.


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