What do you prefer, gi or no-gi training?

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If you don’t yet follow @graciemag, on Twitter, or you have a Facebook account but haven’t yet “liked” our page, you may be missing out on vital discussions and debates for better understanding Jiu-Jitsu and its concepts – and improving your game.

Last week, for instance, we posted a question on Twitter, asking whether the readers following us preferred training with the gi or without it, and why. Dozens of interesting and enlightened answers came in from our readers, including from stars like André Galvão, Ricardo Cachorrão and other masters of the art.

To @AlmeidaBJJ, the ideal way to train is to practice “both! Gi for developing bottom game and defense. No Gi to tighten up my passing and submissions.”

Now ADCC 2011 absolute champ @Galvaobjj teaches: “The gi is great and helps when it comes to technique and vision. No-Gi helps build strength + speed = explosiveness. No-Gi helps with Gi Jiu-Jitsu.”

Follow us on Twitter to join the debate with all these aces; and so we don’t limit ourselves to theory, here goes a practical lesson from Ricardo Cachorrão. Give it a go in training, and comment after!

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