What do you do after a competition? A world champion gives you three options

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Slide12-300x300It’s the day after a tough tournament.

Win or lose, the mental and physical demands of a competition will always take a toll on you.

So, what do you do: rest, work on your mistakes or train like any other day?

The 2013 no-gi world champion Laercio Fernandes shared some of his experience to help you deal with the dilemma.

According to Laercio: “It depends on which tournament you do and how long you’ve been focused and how stressful it was for you.”

Here are the three options.

1-Rest: “There is nothing wrong with taking the day off. Be true to yourself and think about if you’re really tired (physically and mentally). Also if you have family, you definitely should spend time with your family. Remember that no matter what happened in the tournament because during this time (training and competing) they support you. Now is the time to support them.”

2 Drill: “Sometimes the result is not what we want, so on the other day I like to review not only my mistakes, but also new details I picked up competing or watching other compete.”

3- Work More: “Sometimes I go back to the gym and workout more, because I know my performance should have been much better, or because I need to keep the rhythm for upcoming tournaments.”

So, what do you do after a tough competition?

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