Watch absolute champ Leandro Lo’s double-attack finish in Fortaleza

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Leandro Lo plays guard against Dimitrius Souza at Copa Pódio in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Gustavo Aragão/

This weekend top-flight Brazilian gentle-art talent is converging on the Northeast Brazilian city of Fortaleza, where Best Fighters 7 gathers men and women, adults and seniors of all belts and sizes on the competition mats.

In the open weight black belt division, Leandro Lo confirmed why he was seen as the favorite going into the tournament. The Cicero Costha-trained 2012 lightweight world champion bagged the BRL 3,500 prize money for winning the absolute division, triumphing in five matches, of which four he won by tapout.

The only one who didn’t tap to the São Paulo native was Daniel Tanque of Ribeiro JJ, the other finalist, who was outpointed by 13 to 2. Prior to the final with the eventual champion, Tanque had to get past two other stalwart competitors: current Brazilian national medium heavyweight runner-up William Martins, a Gracie Barra representative; and Canadian black belt Jacob Mackenzie, who competes under the Roberto Cyborg banner.

In the following video you get to see Leandro Lo’s quarterfinals performance against Nova União’s Cássio Jacaré. With the skill to oblige his opponent to concede the hold, Leandro gets a knee on the quarterfinalist’s belly and has the foresight to know the arm will be left wide open.

At brown belt, Iranildo Gigante of MG team beat Evolution’s Alison Pimentel in the absolute final for the gold. Now at purple belt, Gracie Barra’s Rodrigo Mendes capped off a splendid campaign with the absolute title, followed by SAS duo Rodolfo Teófilo and João Paulo, in second and third place, respectively.

The competition rolls on throughout Sunday, when the white to black belt weight groups take place.

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