Threat in Illinois: IBJJF seeks to adhere to new norms

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Gustavo in photo by Felipe Pires

The passing of a law in the Illinois throws a major wrench into the holding of competitions in the American state. As Rodrigo Comprido reported to, the law equates Jiu-Jitsu to MMA, meaning the sport will be regulated by the local Boxing Commission.

Among the news resolutions, according to the fighter, all competitors will have to undergo blood tests, which makes the logistics all the more difficult, considering how upwards of a thousand athletes may sign up for a single competition.

Comprido also mentioned that the Chicago Open, the biggest 100% gentle art rules event in the state, may me canceled. Addressing the issue, the IBJJF, the governing body that puts together the tournament, announced its official position this Monday:

“In light of Illinois state law 1490, from May 31, 2011, the IBJJF will seek to conform to the new regulations. The date and location for the event will be announced as soon as possible,” says the International Federation website.

The maiden Chicago International Open event was held in 2010, with Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros becoming the tournament’s first absolute champion. This year saw a winter edition of the Chicago Open. Among the champions were Samuel Braga, Philipe Della Monica, Davi Ramos, Rodrigo Medeiros, Rodrigo Comprido and Gustavo Pires. No date has been set for the next installment.

There’s a sort of petition going around on Facebook to pressure lawmakers to negotiate on the new law. Click here.


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  1. Patrick Weber at 7:56 pm

    They do the same here in Kansas. We just had Jiu Jitsu in the State Games for the first time and had the Boxing Commissioner breathing down our necks the entire time trying to get his hand in everything he could.

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