The lessons in Ana Laura’s ordeal

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Ana and her students at GB. Photo: GRACIEMAG archives.

There’s no denying it, Ana Laura has made a name for herself in competition. A world champion from blue to brown belt, the fighter holds the impressive record of sixty-five wins in sixty-five matches.

The Gracie Barra teacher seemed unbeatable. However, after winning her weight and the absolute weight classes in the brown/black belt category at the 2009 Pan, a back injury pulled her from competition. Since receiving her black belt from the hands of Carlos Gracie Jr., she has now gone a year and a half without competing.

Phto: GRACIEMAG archives.

In an article by reporter Deb Blyth in GRACIEMAG 163, now on news stands, in bookstores and academies around the world, Ana Laura shows how there are lessons to be learned even during the most complicated moments.

“When I was well and competing, I thought I could do anything. No one could get to me. Then I learned that I can get to me. My biggest opponent is me. I need to think positively and rely more on my mind than on my body right now. In competition, both are vital,” she says.

“Being out of competition, I’m learning to have a strong mind. When I win my battle with my back, I’ll know I can’t ever lose again,” she adds.

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