Ronda responds to BJJ champions: “If people pay what the UFC pays me, I’d go roll with them”

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Ronda Rousey finally had something to comment about the controversy involving her statement saying she could beat any women in BJJ today.

After the heated response from BJJ champions at, the UFC batamweight champion was asked a question about the theme recently in a event in Macau, China.

Ronda not only stood behind her words, but also said that it is a question of how much for her to show up at a grappling match.

Here’s what she said: “No, I haven’t seen their responses, and I’m not going to look for it. If people want to pay me as much as what I get paid in the UFC to go roll with them, I’d go do that too! But I’ve got movies, I’ve got fights, and I just don’t have the time to put in a grappling training camp. They’re only upset because they think they can beat me, so why shouldn’t I be just as upset at their opinion thinking they could beat me? Why are they so much more entitled to their opinion than mine?”

What do you think, dear reader? Should someone step up and pay Ronda to fight one of BJJ’s champions?

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