Roger Gracie — switching from a kimura to a choke

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Roger Gracie returns to Jiu-Jitsu

Roger Gracie. IBJJF

Roger Gracie lately has been teaching some of his best moves to viewers of our friends over at the Dojjo channel. Today we bring you one of them.

In the lesson, Roger shows what he likes to do as a plan-B if his opponent clams up in defending against his kimura. A traditional technique used from the top, the kimura sometimes hits a bump when faced with a firm-gripped fighter that can make executing the lever harder. To Roger, this is an opportunity to switch things up and attack from the back.

In the transition, Roger moves the grip to the armpit and weighs down on his opponent’s shoulder sideways to rob him of mobility. Then he spins to pass the leg, makes the grip around his opponent and positions himself to bring him backwards and consolidate the back-take.

Watch him do it right here:

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