Roger Gracie on winning by advantages

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The Gracie family has always maintained that a BJJ match with no time limit and no scorekeeping has a better chance of determining the deserving winner. Winning via submission leaves no room for debate over who was best in the fight.

With the rise of competitive BJJ, rules like the time limit, points and advantages have taken over to determine a winner in a timely fashion. Although finishing or scoring points are still convincing ways to prove you’re a stronger fighter, a win on advantages can often lead to a heated argument.

The greatest champion in BJJ history, with a total ten world titles, Roger Gracie has never won a match on advantages and has had a whopping 81% of his wins end by tap-out. He has a clear opinion on this matter: “Winning a match by an advantage doesn’t make you better than your opponent.”

Watch the entire interview with Gracie in this video.

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