No-Gi Brazilian Nationals decisive day

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Victor Costa wins absolute final via submission. Photo: Carlos Ozório

On the eve of Brazil’s presidential elections, Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Tennis Club was stage to the runoff determining the new leaders of Brazil, but in No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. The finals of the 2010 Brazilian National Championship began just as the clock struck six in the afternoon.

One of the big standouts of the day was businessman Victor Costa (CheckMat), who heads the Koral Kimonos company, showing his slick ground game. After winning his first superheavyweight match on points, he opted not to enter the final against Antonio Peinado (Alliance), who won his first via rear-naked choke and then took the championship title. Victor’s reason for not entering the decider was to spare himself for the absolute, where he battled for gold against Nilson Ricardo (Nova União). In the open weight category, the black belt won his first on points, finished his second with an arm triangle, and beat Theodoro Canal (GFTeam) in the semifinal via referee decision. In the gold-medal contest, he quickly put away Nilson Ricardo with a rear-naked choke.

Peinado didn't have to face Victor Costa in the final. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Luiz “Big Mac” (Godoi) got the best of the ultraheavyweight division. “Big” won his first by WO and finished his second with a kimura lock to then face Igor Silva (GFTeam) in the decider. In the final, the São Paulo native used his judo experience to land a throw and control the bout from there on out, winning by points.

Big Mac beat Igor Silva. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Rafael Bettega took heavyweight gold. The Alliance rep had to compete one less time in his bracket and saw his first opponent disqualified. In the final, he faced MMA fighter Marcus Maciel “Bicudinho” (BTT) and won via kneebar from half-guard.

Buiú clings to Murilo Santana's back. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Kleber Buiú (Gracie Barra), who came in off a win at the Rio Open, beat Murilo Santana (Barbosa) and took top spot on the medium heavyweight winners’ stand, after an evenly-matched dispute. Murilo started the action with a sweep, but in the final minute, Buiú was still playing for keeps and managed to make it to back mount to rally back for the win (4 to 2). Prior to the final, the fighter would beat his first adversary with a rear-naked choke and overcome his second with takedowns.

Tiago Alves passed the guard of Jonatas Novaes. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Another Marcos Barbosinha ace, Tiago Alves started out falling behind on the scorecards in the middleweight final. His opponent, Jonatas Novaes (Brasa), managed a sweep. Known for his high-pressure Jiu-Jitsu, Tiago persisted until passing guard (3 to 2). Alves won his prior matches by a large margin on points. In his first, 9 to 0, and his second, against a game Vitor Henrique (GFTeam), he also took a sizable lead, but his opponent ended up injured and out.

Davi Ramos (Top Brother) got by his first lightweight challenge on advantage points. He then faced Helder “Bob Sponja” Medeiros (CheckMat) in the semifinal, and won with two takedowns and a sweep for a 6-2 tally. In the decider, Davi submitted Marcio Rodrigues (Tubarão) with a footlock.

The best at featherweight was Leonardo Souza (Gordo-Evolve), who drew 2 to 2 with André Luiz (Godoi), but eeked out the win on advantage points. At light feather, Rufino Gomes (CheckMat) finished off two opponents with rear-naked chokes. In the gold-medal match he beat Leandro Escobar (Soul Fighters).

Michelle in absolute final. Photo: Carlos Ozório

In the female mix, Michelle Tavares recovered from a loss in the lightweight final, having moved up a weight category due to lack of opponents, and won the absolute. She won her first engagement with a triangle choke, her second with a ten-finger choke, and won the final against Polyana Lago (Alliance) by sweeping and mounting (6 to 0).

Marina on Michelle's back. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Michelle’s bane at lightweight was Marina Ribeiro (CheckMat), who managed a sweep and two back mounts to one sweep from the guard by Michelle (10 to 3). Another standout was Rosalind Ferreira (Gavião), who overcame Polyana Lago with advantage points in the middleweight final, and Luiza Monteiro (CheckMat), who won two matches with footlocks.

CheckMat took top spot on the team winners’ stand, followed by Gracie Barra and GFTeam.

Check back with for the full photogallery from the Brazilian No-Gi Nationals.

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