Middle and open weight champ in Thailand, Atos ace to do MMA in China

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Caporal to fight in China.

Rodrigo Caporal is another Atos representative making his way around the world. In China – besides teaching Jiu-Jitsu – the fighter will take the opportunity to fight. After winning his weight and the absolute at an event in Thailand, Caporal is getting ready for an MMA fight.

“I fight this Saturday in China at the Ultimate Wrestle event. My opponent’s name is Amuguleng. I hope to have a great fightt!” he tells GRACIEMAG.com.

“I’m teaching at Versus academy in Hong Kong, and I’ll stay until December. Work is going great and we have excellent students,” he adds.

The black belt says the gentle art is spreading not just in China, but throughout Asia. Recently, for example, Caporal won a competition in Thailand, where muay thai is the national sport.

“Jiu-Jitsu here is growing with every day. We were in Thailand to compete and did great. I won the middleweight and absolute divisions. Not all my students could go, but three managed to win medals!” he says jubilantly.

Work in China is going well, but he still has to deal with his longing for home.

“I miss my family a lot, and miss team training with friends like Durinho, Guto Campos, Calasans… I miss that a lot,” he says in closing.

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