Learn the position Bibiano Fernandes taught Roger Gracie at One FC 5

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Bibiano Fernandes por baixo contra Gustavo Falciroli no One FC 5.jpg

Bantamweight Bibiano Fernandes on bottom against Gustavo Falciroli in One FC 5 main event / Photo: ONE Fighting Championship

A little guy with a massive arsenal of techniques, Bibiano Fernandes, 32, was overjoyed after winning a unanimous decision over his countryman Gustavo Falciroli in the One FC 5 main event last August 31 in the Philippines.

Besides a round of applause from the crowd and the promoters, the Amazonas State native got a hearty embrace from his old black belt chums Renzo, Rolls, Igor, Gregor and Roger Gracie. “Renzo caught up with me and said that I’m one of the most beloved Jiu-Jitsu guys around, that there isn’t anyone who doesn’t like me… Can you imagine that?” said the three-time World Championship-winning light featherweight (2003/05/06) with a chuckle.

In a conversation with Roger, Bibiano was asked about a special move he used early on in the third round, when “The Flash” got hit with a takedown and, woosh, he materialized on his opponent’s back. Check out the move, starting at 16:30 in the following video.

“I explained to Roger that I learned that one in wrestling training in Canada. I plant my foot and pretend I’m falling, and the guy thinks he’s taken me down. But I have a hook in his leg. So I spin over him and land on his back. It’s really efficient,” explained the champ.

What about you, do you feel the move is useful?

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