Learn a sweep taught by Ricardo de la Riva and Minotauro in Rio

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Held last July 30 in Copacabana, the Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu seminar taught by Rodrigo Minotauro and Ricardo de la Riva was an instructive occasion.

Documented by the Oss online show team, presented by Mario Filho and produced by Camila Rizzo, Gleidson Venga and Marcelo Alonso, the seminar was geared specially towards guard techniques, sweeps and reversals. (Check out some of the highlights and positions in the following video produced by the Oss team.)

“I trained with de la Riva for the first time when I was a blue belt, and it’s a pleasure to be back here to teach to a little over 40 people,” said Mino on the occasion, also revealing three names of possible opponents for his return, preferably to him at the October UFC Rio event: Roy Nelson, Cheick Kongo or even Alistair Overeem.

Now de la Riva took the opportunity to confirm that he’ll be returning to the mat for one final match. “The event with the supermatch against Jean Jacques Machado ended up not happening, and after that I injured my thigh and pubis. But I’m better now and will compete; I just don’t know if it’ll be a supermatch or at a big championship yet,” said the Carlson Gracie black belt.

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