Learn a leglock from Bochecha and tap everyone out at the academy

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Marcus "Bochecha" tenta aplicar um leglock em Roger Gracie, pelo Metamoris Pro. Foto: Ivan Trindade/ GRACIEMAG

Marcus “Bochecha” tries for a leglock on Roger Gracie at Metamoris Pro. Photo by Ivan Trindade/ GRACIEMAG.

The current absolute champion of the world, Marcus Vinicius “Bochecha” has been wielding his leg game to good effect in his matches – confounding even Roger Gracie, as you saw last Sunday at Metamoris Pro.

Bochecha almost invariably launches his attacks from half-guard. But how does he do it?

In the following video, Bochecha, now a Jiu-Jitsu professor in California, teaches how to submit an opponent even when he has a figure-four locked in on your legs.

“Once in half-guard, don’t forget to always clutch the head to put pressure on the opponent’s chin. Otherwise he’ll push me and adjust his position and maybe even sweep me,” Bochecha begins.

Take note of how he positions the leg in the half-guard to attack and then pushes the opponent’s left knee down.

“So now I go in with my right hand and hug his left leg, let go with the hand I had around his head and use it for support, and I spin my left leg over his belly to transition to the finish,” Bochecha proceeds. “The opponent will defend by fastening a figure-four around your leg, but you pull the leg to you easily, and to adjust the leglock don’t forget to grab the lapel.”

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