Lauber on his Ryron experience

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Our GMA in Santo Antonio, Texas, Relson Gracie associated Joshua Lauber sent me an e-mail the other day, very excited with Ryron Gracie seminar taught on his academy on January 29th:

“It’s hard to pick one moment as everything he does is so detail oriented. But his armbar from the cross side is perfect!”, says Layber, himself one of the 38 attendees of the seminar.

“Ryron was also good enough to bring juice bags for sale (they sold out) and talk about his experiments as a vegetarian,” he concludes.

I’ve trained with Ryron a couple of times when he was a purple belt spending a long season with his grandfather, Master Helio, in Itaipava, Brasil, and I didn’t need to attend to be sure it was a good class.

Ryron visited Joshua Lauber academy on Texas

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