Jiu-Jitsu backed by Moroccan government

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Brazilian black belt living in Switzerland and GMA Anderson Pereira has sent in news about his academy in Casablanca, Morocco, headed by instructor Adil Makroum.

“This Saturday the Coupe de France took place in Grasse, France. It’s a Jiu-Jitsu championship for kids in teenagers that counted around 150 participants. The girls from Anderson Pereira academy, who won the 2009 Swiss Cup, repeated the achievement,” Anderson recounts.

Professor Adil Makroum's girls. Photo: Publicity

“Four of Adil Makroum’s little students achieved excellent results. Sofia and Narcisse, for example, won gold. Chadine got silver, but truth be told she closed out the category with Narcisse. And Imane, 10, competed against the older girls and took third place after winning two matches,” he says.

“The most interesting part is that, with the excellent results, the minister of Morocco will receive the champions in the capital, Rabat, to congratulate them for their hard work. We’re also starting to work alongside the head of judo in Morocco, Adil Belgaid, who will try to periodically organize internships with me. This way we’ll further develop the project in the country,” says Pereira in closing.
For further information visit www.andersonpereirajjb.blogspot.com .

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