breaks 2-million-reader mark

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March has proven to be a month of conquests for GRACIE Publishing, and we simply must share them with our thousands – or better still, millions – of readers.

First of all, as we reported on Saturday, your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine made it onto shelves in bookstores across North America, further extending thereach of our gentle art, which is now all the closer to the eyes and hands of common readers in the USA and Canada. A giant step for our publishing house, a giant leap in spreading Jiu-Jitsu.

GRACIEMAG at a bookstore in Florida, among MMA magazines. Photo: Nalty Jr.

The second piece of news also fills us with pride. From December up until the beginning of this month,  we’ve tracked the number of our site’s readers, and we’ve already made it past the two-million-reader mark.

“There was a 30% increase in audience with the new 2.0 website, which now offers more content, with easier and more streamlined navigability. All the better for readers and advertisers,” says editor-in-chief Marcelo Dunlop.

“Beyond cold numbers, though, we’d rather celebrate folks’ participation on the site. Even with more than one million readers on the site in Portuguese and nearly a million on the English site, the messages coming in have been of a high standard, suggesting story ideas, contributing additional information regarding bulletins, all while maintaining etiquette and good cheer. We have some Jiu-Jitsu wizards posting, like Professors Raphael Abi-Rihan (Carlson), Fabricio Morango (Gracie Humaitá), Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) and Rafael Ellwanger (Gracie Barra). With high-level commentary, more and more Jiu-Jitsu and MMA stars will crop up, to debate the news and techniques directly with readers, without intermediaries,” forecasts Dunlop.

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