What’s your favorite Jiu-Jitsu trap?

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Jiu-Jitsu is all about consistency, ruggedness, confidence in the basics, and lots of training. But it can also contain a touch of magic. That’s what this month’s GRACIEMAG endeavors to show, with amply illustrated, clarifying and instructive articles.

In search of a special article for GRACIEMAG issue 170, our own Ivan Trindade chased down 15 innovative attacks – double or triple attacks to help you replenish your arsenal, dear reader.

The result of his arduous toil was a final sorting of 15 perfect traps for practitioners of any belt level to capture the boldest of opponents. And here’s the best part: with pointers from some of Jiu-Jitsu’s biggest stars. Secure your GRACIEMAG now and head out for the hunt!

In the FACE TO FACE section, bringing the interview of the month, we went on the hunt for consistency, and we found it in an athlete who is a champion at every belt color. Now 30 years old, Gabriel Vella remains among the most feared fighters in his weight division, and he explains what it took for him to have so successful a career. Read what he has to say, and become an even more competitive and motivated practitioner.


The 2011 Pan in California is one of the magazine’s biggest attractions.

With Rodolfo Vieira, the absolute champion appearing for the first time on the cover of GRACIEMAG, leading the way, the athletes helped write yet another snippet of Jiu-Jitsu history, at a highly technical and hotly disputed event with an electrifying open weight contest.

The best and most inspiring images in innovative and can’t-miss coverage of the 2011 Pan, you will find in GRACIEMAG.


The issue doesn’t end there. Have you seen the cover of this month’s GMA? This month, this section reveals which of our associates shone brightest at the Pan and much more.



INTRO features part of the adventures of Rilion, Roger, Kyra, Rolles, Igor and Gregor with their students in Costa Rica. Find out what went down on the day one Gracie saved another from being bucked from the boat in sheer rapids using… the closed guard.

Besides them, black belt artist Gustavo Villa Nova outdid himself with an entertaining cartoon of Jiu-Jitsu in Ancient Rome.

And there’s also Ginástica Natural and the White Page, with lessons for those of you just starting out. You will also find vital pointers for you to rid yourself of a rival unafraid of haunting fighters’ evenings: insomnia.


Now CHOKE serves up the inside scoop on Jon Jones in the cover story and also offers an entertaining profile of Bas Rutten.



In an exclusive report by Deb Blyth, find out how MMA fighters in the United States get their start (and what they go through).


To wrap things up, a tribute to Ricardo Cachorrão in ANTHOLOGY. All that and more on newsstands and in the good Jiu-Jitsu schools around!

If you’d rather get your favorite magazine at a slashed rate and in the comfort of your own home, subscribe here.

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