Family Guy Mike Fowler ready for the WPJJC Trials in Hawaii

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Folwer with wife Tracey and son Thor

Folwer with wife Tracey and son Thor

Black belt Mike Fowler is best known for two big reasons. His technical and competitive Jiu-Jitsu and the leopard pattern painted hair. It’s easy to spot him fighting even when there’s 10 or 12 mats side by side. Look for the guy with the yellow and brown spotted hair. The next place his style will be displayed will be Hawaii, at the WPJJC trials, this Saturday, February 2. Ready to roll, the husband of (also black belt) Tracey Fowler and father of Thor talked exclusively to and shared his views on training, diet, competition, the evolution of Jiu-Jitsu and also family life. For more info on the Trials, go to 

How was your training for the Abu Dhabi trials in Hawaii?

It has been Great!  This year Tracey and I just got married so my focus hasn’t’ been on Jiu-Jitsu 100% but, excited that I never have to go far for a training partner!  Tracey’s workouts are really good. Her class here in Hawaii is huge! She has really gotten good at making the training always a good time.

How do you think will be the WPJJC this year, with big names confirmed for this event?

I haven’t seen the names since I registered but I have heard plenty of talk its really great to have a Trials here in Hawaii.  I think it will be a hit, and will hopefully be returning every year.

In which competitions are you planning to compete in 2013?

I plan on doing more seminar and super fights rather than tournaments this year.  I have a family now so I want to focus on making sure that Tracey can train and compete, and we provide for our boy.  There is a super fight in the mix that I have heard talk of no guarantee but would be a dream come true.

How’s your diet? Any secrets?

My diet has improved greatly over the past year.  Learning more about what to eat and what not to…and when!  A lot of all natural foods.  The other big staple is my Vi-Shake that has been a huge part.  Diet really makes a huge difference in everything.

Who’s helping in your training?

I have been in contact with Andre Galvão for direction, but all of my training has been done with my students and my new wife Tracey Fowler. 

You are an athlete that has competed in many competitions around the world. What is your vision of BJJ today and how do you see the growth of the sport?

Its amazing…and scary!  It is spreading and growing roots in more and more people and places.  Guys out there kicking butt tell me how they watched my videos when they were young…Wow!   How time flies but it is really growing and having a very big impact on people’s lives.

Your wife is one of the biggest names in female BJJ. Does she help you in your trainings?

All of the time! She is my biggest partner.  She has really grown and is quite the martial artist and has been a good experience to grow together in the art and as people.  She really helps by the straight attitude. She never quits.,…never gives up.  Qualities that are hard to teach. Very good in helping to keep me motivated!

You are now a family guy, married with a kid (Thor) … How’s to manage your family life with your trainings for the competitions?

We are a Jiu-Jitsu family.  Its all about prioritizing. My focus is different for sure. Its not about me anymore…. its about the family first.  Right now my focus is to take care of family and make sure Tracey gets to train and help her career.  Then we worry bout me!

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