Don’t choke your partner too fast with this move shown to Kyra by a blind teacher

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Kyra Gracie. GRACIEMAG

Always looking for new experiences, Kyra Gracie from Gracie Kore, located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, recently welcomed a special guest. Luciano Jatobá, a blind competitor, is a black-belt in BJJ. And today you’ll learn his favorite submission starting from the guard.

Jatobá applied the choke on Kyra with his hand on her lapel, and the move got her so fast that she had to take a moment before weighing in verbally on its effectiveness.

Translated transcript:

J: “You are in my guard. I release the lapel and grab it here under the arm. The grip is this one here, Kyra.”

K: “With the four fingers here, right?”

J: “I close a fist here, and done. On the same side, I’m gonna put four fingers on the inside, way up on her neck. The hand is on the outside here. Theoretically, she thinks there’s nothing here. I pull this hand here to this side, and I already bring it down choking her with the blade of my arm. This is a very good position; I’ve won at least one championship with this position.”

K: “It really is. It gets you quickly.”

J: “And it’s an innocent position.”

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