Davi Ramos tells how he grew to be a giant at the No-Gi Pan

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Davi celebrates triumph in absolute. Photo: Dan Rod.

If the essence of the gentle art is the submission, that’s exactly what Davi Ramos was seeking at the No-Gi Pan this Saturday in New York. Having gone through a total of six matches to take the middleweight and absolute divisions, Davi only didn’t get the submission in one of them. The Cesar Casquinha black belt has been standing out at No-Gi competitions lately, having won the Brazilian Nationals and the No-Gi division of the World Pro this year with Atos teammate Claudio Calasasans.

Like in the bible story where David defeated the giant Goliath, the black belt reveals how he grew to the occasion to have a perfect campaign in New York, in the following interview with GRACIEMAG.com:

How did things go at the Pan?

I had six matches in all and only didn’t get the finish in one of them. I had two matches at weight and four in the absolute. The only one I won on points ended 14 to 0. I could tell my opponent was only working on not getting submitted, so that made it difficult.

And how about the absolute final, against Kayron?

He was beating me by 2 to 0. I was trying to attack him with a kneebar and ended up going to a calf crunch, with which I finished him.

You’ve been coming up with better results without the gi, would you agree? Which do you prefer, Gi or No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu?

I like competing in the gi more, but I really have been managing bigger titles without it. For this event I trained with André Galvão, helping him get ready for the ADCC. We did all our training together and I learned a lot from him. He told me I’d do well.

Did you expect him to win both weight and absolute at the ADCC?

You can never predict the absolute, especially for those of us who aren’t from heavy divisions; you have lots of matches against tough, heavier guys. But I imagined he’d win at weight and would do well overall. He trained a lot for it, always said it was the title he was missing. It was in his sights.

Now the Pan is out of the way, is the No-Gi Worlds what’s next for you?

I’ll return to San Diego and continue training with André. I really want this world title. I really want to thank André, the Atos students and Casquinha students, who keep in constant contact with me to give me advice. I’d also like to thank Gilbert Durinho, who is always giving me helpful pointers on how to fight.

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  1. Adriana at 12:17 pm

    Kayron is an amazing competitor!!!
    Can’t wait to see him compete again. He is a Warrior!!!
    Kayron Gracie Is First Place in his Division and Second Place in the Absolute Division.Next up is the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds on November 5. Who’s going to win the Worlds???

  2. Fhysiotherapist at 8:10 am

    Amazing competitor Gracie Kayron
    Just leave a post injury
    What happened in 2001 event organized by Samurai Fabricio Verdun
    Kayron not fought nor the 2011 Pan American World and IFBB
    If training was not trained well imagine …
    He’s coming back now and promises!

  3. Kevin at 8:47 am

    Kayron Gracie eliminates Kayron Daniel Tavares, with the choke and so advanced in the absolute division!!! For the final with David Ramos!!!
    From what I know of Kayron Gracie,He is a warrior!!!
    He will want to fight again and will win this Grappler from Atos Academy

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