Copa Pódio finds rival couple to take on “Tanquenzie”

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Duplo Combate de casais na Copa Podio 2012

At Copa Podio: Tanquinho versus Davi Ramos and Mackenzie against Marina Ribeiro / Publicity photos

The Copa Pódio Jiu-Jitsu promotion has banged its gavel on the pair to square off with Jiu-Jitsu supercouple Augusto Tanquinho and Mackenzie Dern in the brand new couples combat match-up this December.

According to Jeferson Maycá, the promoter of the event, the votes on and Facebook played a part in the pick, as did the results the athletes have been coming up with in competition lately. The chosen two is game boyfriend-girlfriend duo Davi Ramos and Marina Ribeiro.

In this innovative match configuration, Tanquinho takes on Davi first. Mackenzie and Marina take to the mat next, and rather than start with a zero-zero score, they pick up with the points where the men left off. If the first match ended in submission, the girlfriend of the beaten combatant will have to get the tapout in order to even the score.

To remember the rules and find out more about the Cup, click here.

Watch Davi and his unprecedented submission win at the 2012 Copa Pódio Middleweight GP.

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