Beatriz Mesquita analyzes how she would beat Ronda Rousey in MMA

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Beatriz Mesquita in action, in Pan 2013. Photo: Erin Herle/GRACIEMAG

We recently asked our readers who they think would win a no-gi Jiu-Jitsu match between Gabrielle Garcia, current absolute Jiu-Jitsu world champion, and Ronda Rousey, the dreaded champion of the UFC.

As female MMA fights are getting more popular we want to know if some of the best BJJ fighters in the world would be interested in migrating to test their fighting skills inside the cage. We talked to Beatriz Mesquita, two-time black belt world champion and 2013 Abu Dhabi Pro champion, to get her thoughts on the matter, while she recovers from an injury she suffered at the Worlds back in June.

GRACIEMAG: At what point did you get injured in the match against Gabi?

Beatriz Mesquita: It was right at the end of the fight. Eight minutes passed and I felt my muscle snap and my leg getting weaker. I knew I was hurt but I wasn’t feeling any pain yet so I decided to carry on because there was not much time left until the end of the fight.

How have you been coping with the injury?

I’m recovering very well. Dr Ricon Jr., who operated on me, is a specialist in hip surgery. The PRP applications I’m taking are helping accelerate healing and regeneration. Next week I’m starting physiotherapy that will speed up the healing process to where I’ll be able to walk, swim and exercise more often.

When do you anticipate coming back from the injury?

Competing again only in 2014. I’m planning on get back to training at the end of the year. I have to wait six months to get the final MRI results of my surgery.

When do you WANT to come back from the injury, and do you have your eye on any tournaments that you want to compete in?

I wanted to be able to fight in ADCC. I won’t make it in time but I’ll try to come back for 2015. I want to be ready to compete again in 2014, starting with the European in January and the Abu Dhabi tryouts. I know there will be a lot of tournaments for me to compete next year.

We asked readers who they think would win an MMA match between Gabi and Ronda Rousey. Who do you think would win and how?

Their weight difference is huge. It doesn’t look like a fair fight to me. Rousey refused fighting Cris Cyborg who is only one weight category above her. So I don’t think she would be willing to face Gabi either, who is two times her size. If I had to bet on somebody to win this fight, even with Ronda’s MMA background, I would choose Gabi. I know the what the pressure of fighting her feels like (laughs). I think it would be more interesting to match up a no-gi fight between Ronda Rousey and a World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black-belt champion with no time requirement. Fight finishes with an armbar submission or a tap.

How would you approach an MMA fight with Rousey and defend against her armbar?

I would sharpen up my stand-up, investing in Muay Thai training and wrestling so I could easily take her to the ground. On the ground I can use my Jiu-Jitsu and try to finish the fight with an armbar or get the back, which are both my specialty. That way I think I wouldn’t give her any space to surprise me with her famous armbars.

Have you trained in MMA at all, and do you desire to fight in the cage one day?

I’ve never trained MMA before, but I take Muay Thai classes every time I have the opportunity. I also train no-gi a lot for the BJJ competitions that usually take place at end of the year. I have been always afraid of getting hurt pretty badly, like breaking my nose, or a tooth, and the money they pay for the fights wouldn’t even cover the medical bills. However, with the UFC female fights getting very popular, engaging in MMA is starting to make more sense to me. I’ve always wanted to make at least one MMA fight so I can experience the adrenaline of fighting in the cage.

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