Arona vs Fedor – who won?

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The extinct Rings was an odd event. The rules of the Japanese production were peculiar – for ­example, when on the ground the fighters weren’t allowed to hit their opponents in the head. Beyond that, the judges seemed to roll dice to decide fights, such was the quantity of controversial results the event accumulated.

But, to be fair, the promoters only hired the cream of the MMA crop of the day – and even allowed the aces of present day to break through. As was the case with Ricardo Arona and Fedor Emelianenko, until then an unknown Russian.

The two faced off in Osaka ten years ago, in December of 2000, and the outcome was a unanimous decision. Do you agree with it?

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  1. cid at 10:32 pm

    Arona should have had the nod in this one for sure, although it would be much harder for him to do that to Fedor a second time arround, anything is possible.

  2. Dr.Rok'der Puss at 8:29 am

    Fedor took it in the last round, all Arona had was take downs. Unfortunetly if it was a UFC fight, Arona would have won based solely on the takedowns. Fedor deserved the win, I believe it was good judging.

  3. Dr.Rok'der Puss at 8:32 am

    Why should he have gotten the nod, cuz he has a good double and single? What else did he do, one mata leon attempt, Fedor even had more submissions attempts. Arona was always a boring fighter, except for when he was getting his ass kicked.

  4. jake whitfield at 10:00 am

    You have to understand the rules for this fight. The time limit was one round of ten minutes then if the fight was a draw, there would be a five minute over time. Arona dominated the opening ten minutes for sure but since there were no rope escapes or knockdowns, it was declared a draw. That’s why it went to over time. And fedor definitely won the overtime. Going by the rules that were in place, fedor won the fight. Going by today’s rules, arona won.

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