Anderson on Sonnen: “He doesn’t deserve to fight me”

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Anderson Silva in photo by Luca Atalla

This week, UFC star Anderson Silva was on Brazilian talk show “De Frente com Gabi”, with host Marilia Gabriela. The “Spider” was bombarded with a string of questions and addressed Chael Sonnon and his taunting him, as reported on “Jornal do Brasil” website.

“He doesn’t deserve to fight me,” he told the anchor woman.

“I don’t think he [Sonnen] should be in this sport, he has no emotional control whatsoever. All these provocations of his ends up denigrating the sport’s image,” he added, remembering their encounter in August 2010, where he whethered a fierce storm before pulling off a hail mary submission as the fight was coming to a close.

“But he didn’t do the important part, which was to beat me. And he even got caught doping, which is even worse,” he said.

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