Ana Laura on match up with Gabi: “Let’s make it happen”

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Ana Laura vs Charlene Coats. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Ana Laura vs Charlene Coats. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Gracie Barra’s Ana Laura Cordeiro is game when it comes to the match up with Gabi Garcia. The medium-heavy champion at the 2015 Pan was pleased to read that Gabi wants to compete against her again.

“I read her interview on and it made me really happy to know that she considers me such a qualified athlete. I think she’s right and I think a match between me and her would be thrilling. It would be a challenge like no other to fight her. Let’s campaign it and make it happen.”

Asked if she remembers anything of the last time she faced Gabi, at the 2009 Pan, Ana Laura was quick to answer: “Of course! It was my last championship before I injured my back and had to be away from competitions for five long years. Gabi today is very different from that Gabi from 2009. She trained really hard all those years and turned into the great champion she is today. I am trying to catch up with all the time that passed while I was injured.”

At last, Ana Laura tried to predict what would be the biggest challenge if a match like that comes to happen.

“I guess it would be a sight to see. It would make me train with heavier opponents For me, It’s not about the outcome of the match, or the tournament, but the challenge of reaching the end of the training camp healthy and ready. For match like thatm, the challenge would be even greater.”

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  1. Fabio Machado at 3:11 am

    Professora Ana Laura, vc já é uma campeã dos e da vida. Inspirando a todos nós que te conhecemos. A sua humildade e sinceridade é exemplar. Somos orgulhosos de ti e do maridão, vcs batalham juntos e são exemplos de vida. Parabéns e continue sendo essa casca grossa dentro e fora dos tatames. Fica com Deus.

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