8 advices for your first competition, by professor Richard Gonçalves

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Professor Richard Gonçalves teaches eight lessons for your first competition. Photo: Priscilla Garay

You haven’t competed yet, but would like to have this unique experience, brave reader? Then check out the advice from Professor Richard Gonçalves, our GMI at the Live Well Martial Arts school, based in Sydney, Australia. 

Professor Richard shared with GRACIEMAG.com the main tips he wishes he had listened to before venturing into the championships for the first time. Check it below:

1. Know the rules

Study the rules and play the game. Sometimes you lose fights early in your career because you don’t understand the rules. Sometimes you are doing well in the fight, but you are behind in the score. So, try to study and understand the rules.

2. Train often

Prepare yourself mentally. Just Jiu-Jitsu training will provide that mental comfort. It won’t just be the amount of weight you lift in the gym that will make you ready to compete, it will be consistency in the rolls.

3. Fight

There is only one way to gain experience in championships: just competing will get you used to the nervousness and get used to the atmosphere of the competitions. So be prepared and sign up for tournaments. The more tournament experience you get, the less pressure you will feel in that unique atmosphere.

4. Prepare your body and mind

Work on your emotions, practices such as yoga and meditation help to keep your breathing up to date. Breath control is something that always needs to be improved.

5. Focus on you

Competition is not just about the winner. The most important thing is to test yourself and overcome your own limits. Don’t focus on the opponent, notice your evolution with each fight, with each championship. 

6. Conquer your fears

Don’t think that your opponent will always be ready to face you, he will also be nervous, as most of us are when we put ourselves to the test. So relax and enjoy the moment.

7. Enjoy the journey

There is nothing in life greater than going on an adventure, testing your knowledge. We evolve too much in these situations that take us out of our comfort zone.

8. Feel the atmosphere

Get to the gym early, feel the atmosphere, warm up properly, bring your food, remember water and hydration, and listen to good music. Oss!


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