4th Inspire all-female open mat coming up in Arizona

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Photo by Lisa Rae Hight, taken February 2011 at inaugural Inspire Open Mat

Inspire Open Mat, a free all-female event, will be entering its fourth chapter this coming September 15 at the Relson Gracie Arizona Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. Special guest instructors include Luciana Dias and her daughter, the multiple-time World Championship-winning Mackenzie Dern.

Since it’s February 2011 inception, Inspire has gathered over 200 women aged 13-55 to enjoy the strength and beauty of the gentle art together in an environment designed to “inspire” women to dream and achieve. The event is free of charge, and the aim is to not only help grow the female Jiu-Jitsu community, but to help women to find and unleash their untapped abilities in not just the martial arts, but in life as well.

“Inspire really prompts women to take an active role in growing the sport. This year, women’s Jiu-Jitsu has seen many advancements, like the separation of the brown and black belt division and addition of the masters division in the IBJJF. More women’s exclusive Jiu-Jitsu events, such as tournaments, seminars, camps and open mats, have been developed. When you encourage women to come together and support each other, great things can happen, and I’m happy that I can be part of this movement,” shares Kristina Barlaan, a Gustavo Dantas purple belt and the founder of the Inspire project.

Inspire is open to all schools from all states. Space is limited and is currently at 80% capacity. For further information or to register and participate, visit www.strongvon.com/inspire4.

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