10 reasons to put on the gi and practice BJJ in 2020

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1. Get in shape: BJJ is a full-body workout, an activity you can’t stop doing. You will lose weight while having fun.

2. No more stress: Unlike activities whose goal boils down to expending energy, BJJ offers a dynamic that involves strategy and fine tehnique. As you seek to learn moves and beat friends, like in a game, you recharge your energies and become stronger for the other activities in your day.

3. Learn how to defend yourself: BJJ is the most effective of all self-defense methods.

4. Make new friends: A BJJ school gathers youths and adults with healthy habits that will be by your side as you learn for years and years.

5. Get more energy for your day: Due to having to eat and sleep better in order to train properly, you naturally get used to having healthy habits. This helps you at work, on the weekend — in life as a whole.

6. Eliminate your lack of self-confidence: By realizing the skills you are able to develop in the dojo, you start fearing nothing and nobody.

7. Ditch smoking and other addictions: Gentle though it is, BJJ demands stamina, especially when your training partners start catching up to your level. If you give in to vices, punishment arrives switfly on the mat.

8. Don’t let psychological trauma define you: BJJ is the art of demanding the most from your body while your mind takes a break from sadness and hardship.

9. Increase your self-love: With a good teacher beside you, with each battle you will learn how good it is to hear the right words — even harsh ones.

10. Learn that everything depends on your efforts: With each day of fighting, you will see that problems will only be solved through your hard work and intelligence.

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