World Pro: Galvão shines at day one in San Diego

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Galvão gets finish in weight group. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

The first day of the San Diego tryouts for the World Pro brought electrifying battles at Point Loma High School gymnasium. Among the day’s standouts, André Galvão made a stellar return to Gi competition, securing a spot in the absolute final, where he will face Antonio Braga Neto, and in the under-83 kg semifinals.

In the open weight division, Galvão won his first match by 12 to 0. Also-Atos athlete Bruno Frazatto defeated Bruno Bastos on the same side of the bracket and stepped aside to let André through to the semifinal, where he would face Marcus Bochecha (CheckMat). In a riveting match, Galvão escaped a dangerous back attack, took the lead on advantage points and won after going straight to the mount (7 to 0). Now through to the final, the black belt will face Antonio Braga Neto, who won one match in the open weight class and didn’t need to face Luis Gustavo nor João Assis (both from CheckMat), who cleared the way for him.

Galvão mounts Bochecha. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

But a number of matches in the absolute deserve mention, like Gilbert Durinho’s win over Lucas Leite via takedown, Bochecha’s triumph over Claudio Calasans in a hard-fought affair (4 to 4), and João Assis’s win over Durinho by a sweep.

This Sunday all the finals will take place, as well as the weight group semifinals. Check out what’s coming up:

Guilherme Mendes vs. Baret Yoshida
Eduardo Ramos vs. Bruno Frazatto

Ed Ramos got the finish in both his matches – a footlock and choke; Bruno Frazatto won via kimura lock; Guilherme Mendes got a by and submitted Samir Chantre with a choke from side mount; and Baret Yoshida tapped two opponents on his way to the semifinal.

Gilbert Durinho vs. Jonatas Novaes Tagarela
Rodrigo Caporal vs. Rodrigo Freitas

Rodrigo Caporal had two matches, finishing in the second with a choke; Rodrigo Freitas won one bout; Gilbert Durinho defeated two opponents; and Jonatas Tagarela won his first via choke from back mount and his second on points.

Lucas Leite vs. Claudio Calasans
Clark Gracie vs. André Galvão

Lucas Leite won two matches on points; Calasans won his first via armbar and second via disqualification; Clark Gracie got a by and beat Luis Gustavo by an advantage point; na André Galvão got the finish in one match with a choke from back mount.

Vitor Toledo vs. Marcel Louzado
Marco Machado vs. Mateus Castaldino

Marcus Bochecha vs. Fabiano Pega Leve Scherner
João Assis vs. Antonio Braga Neto

João Assis won one match on points and beat Bruno Bastos via judges’ decision; Braga Neto won via disqualification; Bochecha won via triangle.

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