What’s your favorite way to squeeze out a triangle? Check out 5 lessons

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Antonio Braga Neto sinks a triangle at the 2011 South American Championship. Photo by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG.com.

Have you hit up the newsstand or bookstore to get up to speed on your triangle studies yet? The latest issue of GRACIEMAG is there waiting for you, packed with an unbelievable variety of tricks and variations on the move.

To remind our readers of the triangle’s importance, GRACIEMAG.com is following suit and serving up 5 triangles with which to enrich your arsenal. Test them out at training today, and let us know how it went afterwards.

1. Jason Scully and surprise triangle that works at World Championships

2. Professor Magoo teaches basic triangle

3. Bráulio Estima teaches how to use lapel to squeeze out triangle

4. Renzo Gracie teaches finish for when opponent defends triangle

5. Hillary Williams teaches basic details for squeezing out triangle

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