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What’s the point of knowing how to apply a Jiu-Jitsu move if you don’t exploit its full potential.


It’s no use just knowing the maneuver. You, gentle reader, have to know how to potentiate it.


This month’s DOSSIER conforms to the aforementioned guideline in full. The GRACIEMAG 186 cover story is based on the classic omoplata hold to, building on that foundation, broaden guard players’ horizons.


We’re talking about adjustments, variations, unprecedented points of view, strategies, step-by-step technical instructions and, on top of all that, a bona fide map of the four most effective omoplata escapes.

All this knowledge is marvelously illustrated to help you evolve—not to mention there’s an informative interview with Professor Marcos Schubert, whose lectures again feature on our pages.



As Anderson Silva always says, Royce Gracie is someone whom every fighter, no matter what style they represent, has to revere.


This issue, getting ready for the 20-years-of-the-UFC festivities, we offer our readers a chance to, yet again, learn from the virtues of the supreme legend of modern MMA. In a light and instructive article, we remember the details behind Royce’s victories, from the bites he took in combat to the no-frills Jiu-Jitsu that worked. We look back on the Gracie’s courage, the effectiveness of his leverage, and his distribution of weight subduing brute force.



Our Martin goes all out this month defending a key tip that will finally get you that washboard belly. According to Martin, the results you obtain in training are directly linked to psychological and emotional factors. It’s not just a question of physical exercise. You have to learn to conduct your workouts so as to be sure trauma and burnout doesn’t follow you into the academy. If you’re having fun with your exercise routine, you’re evolving a lot quicker and more consistently.


Training or working out “fed up” or suffering miserably may yield short-term results; however, in due course you’ll just end up quitting, becoming resistant and simply abandoning your project of getting ripped or powerful.


Now when you’re having fun in training, the qualitative and quantitative leap in your workouts is incredible and last you your whole life. Just like good Jiu-Jitsu training.



This month, GRACIEMAG brings more positions for guard players to impose their wrath on passers. We’re talking about a Program that stimulates “free-moving hips”, providing an array of possibilities for guard players to circumvent passers’ axis of action and catch them off guard with spins, armdrags, somersaults and even by passing under enemy legs, as Theodoro Canal has been demonstrating so masterfully in his performances at IBJJF tournaments in Brazil and the USA.




Find out what goes on in the mind of Olympic superchampions, and get a glimpse of how gold medal-winning judoka Kayla Harrison mentally evolved to overcome psychological trauma and forge a strong and victorious mind. And in INTRO you’ll find the biomechanics of the hips, for you to free up your game in training.

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