Spider: “We’re a lot more than two guys going in there to throw down”

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Anderson training in the gi in Rio de Janeiro / Photo: Gustavo Aragão

Anderson Silva would have faced Vitor Belfort in April 2010 but the “Phenomenon” ended up having to drop out to treat an injury and the showdown was postponed. At the time, the “Spider” spared no scorn for his opponent in his declarations, a stance he maintained against Vitor’s substitute, Demian Maia. He got the win at UFC 112, but the until-then unquestionable idol made a bad impression on fans for his attitude in the ring.

Then came his showdown with the provocateur Chael Sonnen, and one could already not the changes in the Spider’s speech, including after his triumph. For the fight with Belfort, which will finally take place at UFC 126, on February 5, Anderson seems to have really changed some things. No, he really doesn’t have much love in his heart for his opponent, but check out what he had to say on the UFC website:

“Truth is, the guys are seeking something that is really vague: the belt. That’s a tiny thing when compared to what we can represent as people. I’m not concerned with that. I’m concerned with being a good example for the athletes coming into the mix, growing, and watching my fights. That’s what I want to convey, the message I want to convey as an athlete, and it is what inspires me.”

“My personal opinion is that a fight is a fight and he is just another opponent, dangerous like all the rest. I’m going in there to fight, as he is.”

“Of course, it’s cool to end your career as champion, undefeated or whatever. But in my sport that’s a bit vague, because we can lose at any moment. That was already proven against Chael (Sonnen). I’m normal and can get knocked out, submitted… It’s like I say: I seek to do more than simply fight. I look to send the message that we are all a lot more than that, a lot more than two guys who get in there to throw down.”

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